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Juju Box | Intention: Abundance

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A spiritual box built to include all of the items needed to cleanse your aura & physical surroundings in combination with setting an intention for manifesting abundance, attracting wealth, money & financial success.


• 1 Sage Smudge Stick
• 1 Palo Santo Incense Cone
• 1 Green Abundance Candle (Soy Wax)
• 1 Red String Evil Eye Bracelet
• 3 Healing Crystals for Abundance
• 1 Spiritual User Guide


[] Sage Smudge Stick & Palo Santo Incense Cone
>> Clears low vibration, balances energy, and reduces negativity to create a protected spiritual atmosphere.

[] Green Abundance Candle
>> A green candle made with soy wax and is infused with sage, eucalyptus & sandalwood essential oils. It is hand-poured when the moon’s magic can be absorbed. This spiritual conduit is burned to enhance the manifestation of wealth, prosperity & opportunities

[] Red String Evil Eye Bracelet
>> A talisman that is meant to provide protection from evil spirits. It is used to protect from the evil eye, a “look” or “stare” that is believed to bring bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike.

[] Green Aventurine Stone
>> Known as the stone of opportunity. It is believed to attract wealth and motivates alignment with money-making opportunities.

[] Tiger Eye Stone
>> This grounding stone brings a protective field toward you and your energy. It is a stone that has traditionally been associated with money and is called a “good luck” stone. Best used through manifestation and the law of attraction.

[] Clear Quartz Stone
>> A healing crystal that connects with all of the chakras. It clears blockages, cleanses the aura and promotes the flow of energy. It works to amplify the abundant energies of other stones.

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